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    Contact manufacturers of plastic grinders for recycling of plastic rejections, runners, products and waste. On offer are plastic scrap grinders, grinders for plastic pipes, grinder for moulded plastic articles, ginders for films, yarns and plastic disposables, PET grinders, high speed plastic grinder and low noise grinders

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    Injection Molding. INJECTION MOLDER - HORIZONTAL ... Metalworking CNC Machine Tools. Boring Mill-Table, Floor, Double Column CNC Grinder CNC Lathe ... Products. Blow Molding; Extrusion; Injection Molding; Metalworking; Size Reduction; Support Equipment; Thermoforming; Shredders;

  • Granulators & Shredders | Comet Plastic Equipment

    CG-23/30/36 series soundproof central granulators are suitable for centralized recycling of wastes and rejected parts from injection, blow molding, and extrusion machines. The CG-23 uses staggered blades while the CG-30 and CG-36 use paddle blades to easily grab and cut through material, reduce waste, increase profitability, and save resources.

  • Grinder / Granulator - panchal-plastic

    Injection Series. Beside-The-Press Series granulator are ideal for the processor who has small injection molding machines and wants a lot of value in a small package. This quiet, energy efficient granulator conserves valuable floor space while producing quality regrind from robot-fed sprues, runner and small parts. ... Read More >>

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    Note: If this problem is allowed to continue without fixing the root cause it will very quickly cause damage to the molding surface. Possible Solutions-Alter gate position and/or increase gate size.-Check for heater malfunction.-Decrease booster time.-Decrease injection pressure.-Decrease injection speed.-Decrease melt and/or mold temperature.

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    We also offer plastic grinders and shredder machines that are used in conjunction with plastic injection molding machines for plastic recycling, as well as temperature control units with a water or oil pump for temperature control of plastic molds that are later used in different molding processes.