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    Ching chong and ching chang chong are pejorative terms sometimes employed by speakers of English to mock or play on the Chinese language, people of Chinese ancestry, or other East Asians perceived to be Chinese. Several public commentators have characterized the term as derogatory while noting that assaults or physical intimidation of East Asians are often accompanied by racial slurs or ...

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    Before we start, please note that getting advice in person from a doctor provides you optimal care. Our responses here should not be taken as medical advice.

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    At 10:00 a.m. on September 8th, 1996, before the commencement of the Kurukulla Fire Offering Ceremony at the Redmond Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng bestowed the above verse upon all of the students present.

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    r/NoStupidQuestions: Ask away! I've found that when I hear the standard redneck American imitation of any Asian language and they say "ching chong ding dong king kong" or something along those lines it sounds more like Vietnamese than Chinese.

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    Dec 31, 2015 · I am a 58 year old man who in recent years has had difficulty with consistent erection performance. After finally giving up after 5 years or so of the typical Tongkat Ali, Epimedium, Tribulus, Ashaghanda, and popular herbal libido boosters, I found Ching-a ling.