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    Feldspar, sometimes written as felspar, is the name for a group of silicate minerals that makes up the greatest percentage (almost 60%) of minerals found in the Earth's surface (in fact, if the entire composition of the earth's crust were regarded as a single mineral, it would calculate out almost exactly as feldspar). The feldspars are complex ...

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    Feb 24, 2018 · Feldspars are a group of minerals having a crystalline form. These are one of the most abundant minerals found in the Earth's crust. Read, in this ScienceStruck post, about the types, uses, characteristics, and properties of this crystalline compound.

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    Feldspar is the umbrella name for a family of silicates which include Amazonite, Labradorite, Sunstone and Moonstone. The properties of Feldspars vary widely (for example, Labradorite, Amazonite, Moonstone and Sunstone all have very different qualities).

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    Feldspar, any of a group of aluminosilicate minerals that contain calcium, sodium, or potassium. Feldspars make up more than half of Earth's crust, and professional literature about them constitutes a large percentage of the literature of mineralogy. Learn more about the properties and uses of feldspar .

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    Feldspar is derived from German "Feld"- field and "Spath" - a rock that does not contain ore. There are two main subgroups that produce gems: the potassium feldspars and the plagioclases (a series from calcium to sodium feldspars).

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    Not all feldspars that bear the name "sunstone" are from the same side of the feldspar family—both the orthoclase and the plagioclase species boast a sunstone feldspar variety. The name sunstone refers to the gem's appearance rather than to its chemical makeup.

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    Dec 10, 2013 · To produce feldspar powder, the grinding mill is a necessary machine. including the ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill, trapezium mill, coarse powder mill, and ultrafine mill, etc. Feldspar ...

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    Feldspar is by far the most abundant group of minerals in the earth's crust, forming about 60% of terrestrial rocks. Most deposits offer sodium feldspar as well as potassium feldspar and mixed feldspars. Feldspars are primarily used in industrial applications for their alumina and alkali content.

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    Plagioclase feldspars are important components of many building stones. Labradorite, spectrolite, sunstone, and moonstone are gem-quality plagioclase feldspars that are popular because of their optical phenomena. Transparent plagioclase of high clarity is sometimes faceted as a collector gem but lacks the durability needed for use in jewelry.

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    Feldspars with this composition are referred to as Labradorite, whether they come from Labrador, Madagascar, Scandinavia, or the United States. The stone is cut, not with facets, which would destroy its reflected rays of color, but either perfectly flat or with a slight convex surface.

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    The feldspar family has two main groups: alkali feldspars (potassium, with a bit of sodium, in the B position) and plagioclase feldspars (mainly sodium and calcium on the B site). There is nearly a complete range of compositions between sodium-rich and calcium-rich plagio - clases. Potassium feldspar, even at low

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    The Plagioclase Feldspars are important rock-forming minerals and occur in numerous mineral environments. In many instances, it is very hard to tell apart one from another. When a particular Plagioclase Feldspar cannot be identified, it is simply called "Plagioclase" or "Plagioclase Feldspar".

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    Feldspar has been derived from a german word which means a rock that does not contains ore. It is made up of group forming tectosilicate minerals that almost covers 60% of the earth's crust. Feldspathic refers to the material which contains feldspar. Rock is almost formed of calcic plagioclase feldspar is known as anorthosite.

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    Labradorite, andesine and sunstone are plagioclases feldspars. Like the potassium feldspars, they have a hardness of 6 to 6.5, but they differ in their tendency to have slightly higher refractive indices, ranking between beryl and quartz. Apart from gemstones, feldspar is an important industrial mineral.

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    Feldspar Gemstones Feldspar is the most abundant mineral on Earth's crust, followed by quartz. The two main subgroups of feldspar that are known to produce gem-quality materials include potassium feldspars and plagioclases. Among the most popular feldspar gemstones are moonstone, star moonstone, rainbow moonstone, orthoclase, amazonite ...

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