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  • Maryland Assault Laws - MD Assault Second Degree Penalties ...

    In Maryland, it isn't uncommon for a charge to be pled down to something less serious. For instance, if you are originally charged with 2 nd degree assault but you have no criminal history and the prosecution is cooperative, an attorney may be able to get the charges .

  • Degrees of Murder - Criminal Law

    The phrase "degrees of murder" refers to the intent or severity of a particular murder charge. Some states define their degrees of murder numerically. Common degrees of murder include first degree murder and second degree murder. Other states place specific labels on their murder offenses, such as capital murder, murder, and justifiable homicide.

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    Introduction - This web page gives a detailed account of every stage of a Colorado Criminal case. Much of the information is taken from an excellent source of Colorado criminal laws and procedures by the Boulder Bar Association's Web Site for Media Professionals. The balance was added by H. Michael Steinberg - Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney.