gearless drive achieved

  • FRENIC-Lift Series Inverters for Elevating Machinery

    FRENIC-Lift Series Inverters for Elevating Machinery 33 Fig.1 External view of FRENIC-Lift series ... Inverters that drive gearless elevators are required to be small, thin, to have high overload ... teristic less than 0.10 m/s2 (p-p) was achieved in actual gearless elevator (See Fig. 5). 2.2.2 Reduced rollback when brake is released

  • Siemens Industry presents new gearless Direct Drive Wind ...

    The Siemens Drive Technologies Division is showcasing Direct Drive Wind, its new gearless wind generator, at the Husum WindEnergy 2012 trade fair. Comprised of individual, preassembled generator segments, it is able to offer a high degree of flexibility in the implementation of a wide range of turbine solutions and system concepts.

  • Xstrata Invests in Gearless Conveyor Drives | E & MJ

    The gearless technology they are going to use to drive the conveyor is attracting a lot of attention. Gearless drive technology is nothing new to the mining business. Mining companies have been installing gearless drives for mine hoist and mill applications for many years. While the technology is similar, the circumstances differ.

  • Direct Drive vs. Gearbox: Progress on Both Fronts - Power ...

    Direct drive technology has been praised for its design, which is less complex than gearbox technology, leading to easier operations and maintenance. This appeal has made direct drive especially ...

  • Astro Pneumatic 9707 1/4" Drive Mini Gearless Ratchet

    1/4 inch Drive Mini Gearless Ratchet. Forward and reverse of the ratchet rotation is achieved by pushing the square drive to the opposite side of the ratchet while putting slight thumb pressure on the flush side; then install the socket.

  • Current Issues on High-Power Cycloconverter - fed Gearless ...

    high-power gearless motor drives have shown advantages. Installations with units in the range of 20 MW are being recently designed and applied, and higher powers are considered to be feasible. High-dynamic performance has been achieved using field orientation techniques as well as observation methods for sensorless control [7] - [12]. How-