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    May 14, 2009 · I use an 8" Inland Swap Top and have no problem using the trim saw, grinder and laps/polishing lap. Yes it is made of hardened plastic, but it has held up, my motor speed control does work. I stripped out the set screw, and Inland sent me six to replace the one that I needed to replace.

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    Mar 16, 2013 · I have been considering the Inland All In Wonder lapidary setup, but I am trying to save some money because I have a number of tools I need to purchase for the other half of this project that I am working on which can not be done in a DIY fashion as .

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    Feb 01, 2014 · I use one of the inland swap top "replacement" motor units as a budget "power hone" . I ordered just the motor unit, and the brass shaft mounted bush (will hold a disc with 1/2 " arbour), then mounted a small piece of 1/2 " ply, (to slide my sharpening template on), to the front of the motor housing.

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    The Grinder Shop specializes in providing a large variety of affordable saw parts and accessories including replacement belts, grommets, and pulleys for glass saws by Diamond Tech, Gemini, Gryphon and Inland Craft. Browse our great selection of replacement saw parts here!

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    Promotional discount now available June 1 - June 30 take $7 off every order over $129.99 (not including shipping). Just paste this code in your discount box: September $9 Discount

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    The SwapTop™ 8" Flat Lap is the most affordable 8" cabbing set up available today. With over 75% more diamond surface than our 6" machine, you can work bigger pieces and work faster than ever before. Because of its unique low profile design, the SwapTop can be taken anyw, but it will still pass muster on the workbench at home.

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    Easily attaches to any Inland Grinder and SwapTop™ Trim Saw or Shaper / Edger Provides added protection from grinding and sawing debris to keep you and your work area safe and clean. Simply rinse under running water to clean.