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    Borax powder is a purpose item that can be used in all kinds of ways from making slime for the kids to doing your laundry. Products made with borax powder are available at retailers, but it's easy to make your own borax powder and products that are free of some of the chemicals that might be present in commercial borax items.

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    Place the powder of Titanium Dioxide (obtained after sending Powder Iron ore threw Centrifyge) in the industrial Electrolyser to make Titan Powder Refined. Place the Titan Powder refined in the Industrial Furnace to make Titan Ingots, then in Industrial presser to make Titan Plates.

  • Make Your Own Almond Flour - pastrypal

    Adding the icing sugar seems to help keep the almond powder dry and makes a very fine powder. This produces very smooth macarons. Any almond meal that is left after this process can be used to make sweet pastry, or marzipan, or any number of other cakes and desserts. No waste. It is a bit of a ball ache, but the results speak for themselves.

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    Jul 09, 2019 · Formula: Not only does this yellow-toned powder instantly correct redness, but it gives the complexion a 'soft-focus' finish, smoothing texture, fine lines and pores to leave a flawless base. It ...

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    Sift the powder through a fine sieve, if desired, to remove any pieces of stem and other bigger bits. This can be time-consuming if the sieve is too fine; alternatively, you .

  • How to Make Beetroot Powder - Oh, The Things We'll Make!

    Aug 24, 2015 · Not only can you use it as a natural food coloring, but you can also grind it into a really fine powder that can be used in homemade natural cosmetics. A couple of years ago I wanted to do just that. I was looking to make some natural blush with beetroot powder.

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    Oct 06, 2007 · Gunpowder, also called black powder, is a simple mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal. The trickiest part of making black powder is sourcing these three supplies. Once you find them, you mix them together and create an explosive black meal. Be extremely cautious when handling black powder, and make sure to store it away from heat and flame.