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    PGM Mining Company Search ... - Platinum group metals mining, investment and price news MBendi ... (Stillwater Complex) are the only significant sources of primary PGM production. Both Russia (Noril'sk Complex) and Canada (Sudbury Complex) produce PGM as a by-product of nickel-copper mining. Accordingly, Russian and Canadian producers manage ...


    58% of world PGM production takes place in South Africa1 not only for ore haulage but also to drive compressed air to and Russia accounts for a further 26%, most of this as a co-product of nickel mining.

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    But in 1935, exploitation began of pgm-containing copper-nickel deposits on the Taimyr Peninsula in northern Siberia; these remain the most important of Russia's known pgm reserves. The first to be discovered and exploited was the Norilsk deposit; this lies just south of the town of that name which grew up to serve the mining operations.


    Monchetundra contains 2 million ounces PGM (Palladium, Platinum) in state approved Reserves + Resources – being advanced to production in 2020. West Kytlim is our operating Platinum and Gold mine in the Ural Mountains while Semenovsky is an attractive gold tailings opportunity. We continue to assess exploration and near term production opportunities throughout Russia.

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    Eurasia Mining plc (LON: EUA) has lodged an application for a new exploration license area, Tipil, with the relevant authorities in Russia.. Tipil is adjacent to West Kytlim, where Eurasia has been mining for platinum and palladium for some time.

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    The Environmental Costs of Platinum-PGM Mining: An Excellent Case Study In Sustainable Mining *Gavin M. Mudd1, Bonnie J. Glaister1 1Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University, CLAYTON, Victoria, Australia 3800