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  • 12 New Zealand Native Plants You Need to Know About

    New Zealand native plants can be found in gardens throughout the world and it's not hard to see why. Many are blessed with unique forms and distinctive leaf shapes that make them stand out from the crowd, particularly cabbage trees, flaxes, Astelia and puka.Then there's the graceful nikau, the world's southern-most palm, prized for its beautiful trunk and stunning fronds.

  • Growing New Zealand Spinach - Grow a Good Life

    Apr 12, 2015 · New Zealand Spinach (Tetragonia tetragonioides), also known as Cook's cabbage or tetragon, is a leafy plant that grows native in New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and Japan. Captain Cook discovered the plant and used it to help his crew prevent scurvy.

  • NEW ZEALAND FLAX – PHORMIUM – Southern Living

    From New Zealand, these dramatic plants have many swordlike evergreen leaves that grow in a fan pattern; they're good massed or used as focal points. Many variegated selections provide year-round color in perennial and shrub borders, on hillsides, in seaside plantings, near swimming pools. Cool ...

  • Common Weeds of New Zealand: Introduced and Invasive Species

    Common Weeds of New Zealand. Introduced and Invasive Species The word "weed" is not a botanical term that applies to any specific type of plants, but rather it is a cultural bias that can be applied to any plant that grows where it is not wanted.

  • Phormium: New Zealand Flax | Portland Nursery

    Genus: Phormium tenax and Phormium cookianum. Common Name: New Zealand Flax. Origin: Phormium tenax occurs naturally in New Zealand and Norfolk Island, while Phormium cookianum is endemic to New Zealand. Characteristics: Gardeners know it as a large and often colorful spiky plant that makes an arresting focal point in the garden or in ...

  • Leptospermum scoparium: New Zealand Tea Tree Growing Tips

    In addition to New Zealand tea tree, you may also see the names mānuka, tea tree, wild alpine manuka, New Zealand tea bush, manuka myrtle, or broom tea tree used for this shrub. When Captain Cook was exploring Australia and New Zealand he made tea from the leaves on this plant to ward off scurvy, which is the inspiration for these common names.

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  • Caring For New Zealand Flax Plant ... - Gardening Know How

    New Zealand flax plants offer architectural interest but are not winter hardy and should be brought indoors for winter in most climates. How to Grow New Zealand Flax. New Zealand flax is a slow growing perennial plant. The most common method of propagation is through division and fully rooted specimens are widely available at nursery centers.