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  • Texas Administrative Code

    A facility authorized by the Air Quality Standard Permit for Concrete Batch Plants or concrete batch plant permits by rule for which an applicant provided public notice is an exception. (3) The executive director will not convert a permanent facility permit number to a portable designation unless the owner or operator is requesting a change of ...


    Comments: This facility has two re -locatable concrete batch plant s onsite . The owner or operator of a stationary concrete batching plant using an air general permit may operate, or allow the operation of, one or more relocatable nonmetallic mineral processing plants using individual air general permits at the

  • USDAPermits

    What is a USDA Permit? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires a USDA-issued permit to import products containing plant or animal ingredients that may pose a threat of spreading diseases. USDA issues and uses permits to verify the safety of imported products at the port of entry.

  • Plant a Street Tree | Public Works

    Thank you for your interest in planting a street tree and beautifying San Francisco. There is no fee required for a Tree Planting Permit, however, the permit is necessary to ensure that street trees do not impact infrastructure and are appropriately planted so that they thrive and become a neighborhood asset.

  • Standard Plans / Special Details - Louisiana

    Get a permit, bid on a project and learn how to work with DOTD. Get a Permit Projects Scheduled Vendor Information: Construction Services Projects GIS / Maps: Residents in My Community Get travel information and find projects in your area. ... Standard Plans / Special Details. Standard Plans.

  • NPDES / Wastewater Permitting

    A POTW may have trouble meeting its NPDES permit conditions if the amounts of pollutants in the wastewater flowing into the treatment plant (the influent wastewater) are too high. One way to reduce pollutants in influent wastewater is to require pretreatment. Thus, the conditions of a POTW's permit might dictate the need for pretreatment.

  • CDFA - Plant Health - Permits and Regulations

    The permits and regulations program develops all regulations administered by Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services and develops associated legally required documents such as notices, statements of reason, orders, and certificates of compliance. This program also issues state permits involving agricultural pests and quarantine commodities as authorized under administrative regulations and ...


    This list of acceptable standard parkway plant materials is not finite and subject to future revision as appropriate. II. Non-Standard Parkway Landscape Improvements "A", "B" and/or Revocable Permit Required: P.1. Permits are required for all other non-standard plant materials or landscape improvements besides turf and drought tolerant turf ...

  • Hot Work Done Right -- Occupational Health & Safety

    •Have a permit signed to show that all phases of the work have been inspected and approved. ... chemical plants, and refineries. ... This article originally appeared in the December 2008 issue ...

  • Tree & Vegetation Removal - SDCI |

    When you draw the planting plan, clearly identify existing vegetation and structures and the boundaries of parcels, ECAs, and ECA buffers. You should select plants appropriate for the soil and light conditions of your site. A list of recommended native plants is in Tip 331A. Tree and Vegetation Standard Mitigation Plan

  • Standard Permit for Certain Concrete Plants -

    An applicant for a permit for a concrete plant that does not meet the requirements of a standard permit issued under Section 382.05198 must comply with: (1) Section 382.058 to obtain authorization to use a standard permit issued under Section 382.05195 or a permit by .