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    Another major factor that influences mixes is the type and amount of aggregate - sand and stone - that are included in the mix. The guiding principle of mix design is to pack as much aggregate into the mix as possible to make the mixes economical and to reduce the required paste volume (Paste is defined as the cement and other powders

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    Risers and Riser Design . Mech 423 #2 2 Figure 5.10 (a) Castings with blind feeders, F2 is ... • Sand castings rougher than shell castings ... • Sometimes use cores to make .

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    Making homemade moldable sand is a two-step process. First, you'll need to make a loose DIY slime. The slime will help the sand "flow" and keep it from drying out. One cup of slime will be more than enough to make several cups of moldable sand.